Arkham Witch New Album Update!

2018 has been another great year for Arkham Witch! Not only is it the ten year anniversary of the formation of the band, we have played some fantastic gigs with some fantastic  bands, highlights being Glasgow, playing in Belgium with our good friends Tyrant’s Kall, and sharing a stage with the almighty Visigoth in London.

But now as the winter nights draw in and men retreat from the world to drink ale and tell tall tales in front of a roaring fires, so must we do the same and commit new ballads, lays and sagas to the well worn and well travelled medium of the compact disc.

So the working title of these new sonic ventures is tentatively titled ‘The Savage Sword of Arkham Witch Vol 1: Bringing Down the Thunder’.

We have had many a drunken argument and tipsy brawl over the songs which we wanted on the album, and through the process of stubborn defiance, last minute inspiration and grudging compromise, we have decided on a grim collection of songs which we hope to record very soon and unleash upon the world with crimson fury!

The sound of the album is shaping up as a return to our heavy metal debaucheries of yesteryear, but with all the eccentric baubles and weird trimmings you would come to expect from us four deranged purveyors of noise . We hope you will join us as we negotiate a traditional and righteous heavy metal path through the forests of doom, raising our swords as we pass the punk castles, onwards towards the veils of thrash! We don’t need a map! Just our grog, our axes and our titanic and ironic mirths!


DSC_0016 copy pub
She who drinks ale will never fail.



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