News! February 2019

The new album is still top of the agenda and we are nearly ready to record. With impeccably good timing we can also announce the addition of a new bass player. This prestigious and much coveted  post :)!  has recently been taken up by a young fella named Ross ‘the bass boss’ Adams.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ross aboard the SS Arkham Witch as we set sail for the Island of New Songs all the while watching out for the Icebergs of Inspiration and  negotiating the Leviathans of Kerfuffery! He’ll be following in the footsteps of such titans as Kinky John, Raj Singh, Sexy Phil, Klankenstein and of course Woody Notes but we are confident he is more than capable of upstaging such ruffians with his low frequency wizardry!

Here’s the man in action! His first gig is the 14th of February!

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