R.I.P. Hartmuth ‘Blackgoat’ Schindler 1967-2019

Barbarian Wrath

A true titan of the underground metal scene and the guy who believed in Arkham Witch from the beginning. A good friend to the band and to true underground metal in general, our condolences go out to his friends and family and especially to Cheryl.

The song above ‘Barbarian Wrath’ is one myself and John Demaine wrote in tribute to his label of the same name many moons ago, but alas we never got around to recording it properly. But here it is as a tribute to the great man himself. It is a bit rough around the edges but from conversations with Hart over the years – I think thats how he liked his metal – as long as the conviction and feel was there, and I hope it is in this one – he was never afraid to tell us if he thought something was bad – he had a field day with I Am Providence!

Rest in Peace Hart – we hope to see you on the other side at the great gig in the sky where all metal is true and all beer is Bavarian!

Arkham Witch

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