Demo 2009 (Self Released)

The one that started it all! Recorded in 2009 at Fullstack Studios in Great Harwood UK by Matt Richardson over two days in a no frills – let’s get em done  quick session and released as a self burned cdr – it did what it said on the tin!. Emily on drums and Simon on everything else, it was the perfect way to test the waters with what was then a side project for the pair.

It was well received and with the addition of John Demaine on the bass – Arkham Witch as a proper band was born.

Re-done artwork by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi

The original artwork.

ON Crom’s Mountain 2013 (Barbarian Wrath Records)

The debut album by what was now a quartet with the addition of Dodo Doom on guitar and Simon moving to the vocals exclusively, On Crom’s Mountain was recorded once again at Fullstack studios.

Arkham Witch played at Hammer of Doom festival in Wurzburg Germany in April of 2011 and Hart from Barbarian Wrath records persuaded the band to sign to his label simply by filling his car boot up with Bavarian beer. (Let’s face it – this tactic was always going to work!)

The album features such live stalwarts as ‘Burn the Witch’ and ‘On Crom’s Mountain’ and was once again well received by traditional metal fans.

Legions of the Deep 2012 (Metal on Metal Records)

By this time Arkham Witch had moved on from Barbarian Wrath and signed to Metal on Metal Records. Once again we went to Fullstack studios for a week or so and recorded what was to become the bands most popular collection of songs to date.

Featuring the thrash tones of ‘On a Horse Called Vengeance’ and ‘Infernal Machine’ to the punky refrains of ‘Kult of Kutulu’ and onwards to the trad metal Lovecraft fest that is the title song – the album garnered some very positive reviews.

Kult of Kutulu

Hammerstorm. 2013 (Self Released)

In 2013 John had moved from bass to guitar and Simon had picked up the bass duties. Hammerstorm is an ep but opens up with a 12 minute doom epic about Thor!

Hammerstorm is a self – released ep (with the invaluable help of Metal on Metal Records help of course!) and it is the last thing that Arkham Witch recorded at Fullstack Studios. It also marked the end of a chapter as John Demaine left the band to move on to pastures new.

 Demos from the Deep 2014 (self released)

In 2014 Metal on Metal records helped us re-release the 2009 demo with some bonus tracks from some tunes we had floating around on Bandcamp.  One of the extra tracks is  ‘The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune’ which is based on a Robert E Howard King Kull story – god we’re so kewl!

Get Thothed 2014 (Metal on Metal Records)

Around this time we had done a few gigs playing old Lamp of Thoth songs, so it was suggested (as we were taking a rather long time with the next album) that we whip up a quick ep (it would soon turn into a trilogy!) to fill the gap between albums.

Featuring classics from the first demo, ep and album of The Lamp of Thoth the songs would also become regular features on Arkham Witch setlists.

I am Providence 2015 (Metal on Metal Records)

The love it or hate it entry in the Arkham Witch catalogue, 2015’s I am Providence was a bit of a distillation of Arkham’s sound in that the punky  elements were emphasised, the catchy sing-a-long choruses ramped up, and the Lovecraftian lyrical influence taken to the extreme! It produced the setlist stayer ‘And What man Knows Kadath’ and introduced J.K. Hanslip on guitar! And also completes the amazing tryptich artwork that runs through the covers of all three albums by Jowita Kominska-Peruzzi

Weird Tales 2015 (Self-Released)

A companion piece to ‘I am Providence’ featuring the Saturday morning cartoon theme tuned inspired title track! But a firm favourite of fans from this record it seems is ‘Fungi from Yoggoth’ Hey Ho Migo!

Fungi From Yuggoth

Get Thothed II (Metal on Metal Records)

The second Get Thothed Ep gave us a chance to bring out some of the Lamp of Thoth songs that never got to the recording stage, such as the song ‘Serpentine’ which appears on this volume along with a re-recording of the classic ‘I Love the Lamp’ from Portents, Omens and Dooms, both performed in the inimitable style of Arkham Witch. Like the first Get Thothed, I am Providence and the Weird Tales ep, this one was recorded at Jam on Top Studios in Keighley with Mr Kurt Wood esq.

Get Thothed Vol III  (Metal on Metal Records)

All unreleased Lamp of Thoth material recorded with a full band for the first time. Includes the haunting and Satanic ‘Marriage of the Ghouls’ and the boxing inspired stomper ‘The Wizard of the Gloves’!

This release concluded the Get Thothed trilogy and the three eps are presented in a nice slipcase with a booklet that includes all the lyrics in another outstanding presentation by Jowita and Simone from Metal on Metal records.

So now you have got your bearings and caught up on the ongoing saga of Arkham Witch, here’s where to go if you would like to know more!